5I Men Short Curly Blonde Wigs Heat Resistant Hair Wigs

5I wigs are considered unique regarding look and appearance. They almost perfectly replicate the look of natural human hair. It also feels very real and is lightweight despite having the thick amount of hair attached to the inner cap. It is a synthetic hair fiber wig, and it is made of high-quality fiber.

Product Specifications

The hair fibers used in this wig are made of synthetic Kanekalon fiber, which is imported from Japan. The texture of the wig is meant to look as natural as possible. The hair type of the wig is blonde, and the hair length can be classified from short to almost shoulder length. The hair type of the wig is curly hair, which gives the appearance of almost natural hair.

The wig is easy to wash and take care of, only wash with a small amount of shampoo and rinse with cold water to preserve the shine of the hair and let it air dry. It is a lightweight wig, which makes it much more comfortable for the user to wear.

The wig comes with an inner cap attached to it. The head circumference of the cap is about 22 inches, and can comfortably fit most people. It is also adjustable and comes attached with hooks on the inside of the cap to adjust it to your head correctly.

Pros and Cons

The main positive features of the wig are the synthetic hair fibers that do an excellent job of replicating real human hair and are also soft to the touch. The curls can also be easily styled and stored and washed. The inner cap of the wig is adjustable, with a one size fits all design.

The main con regarding the wig is that the blonde color of the wig, is slightly darker than what it appears as, in the picture, but this is not necessarily due to the manufacturing. The difference is due to the lighting as it looks in pictures.

Why Should You Buy it?

It can be worn right out of the box with little or no styling. The wig is versatile enough to be worn for daily wear, but also can be worn for costume and theme parties and will fit right perfectly for your cosplay outfit.

The wig is of reasonably high-quality, and it comes at a decent price point as well. The adjustable hooks and the inner cap that the wig comes with make it perfect to be worn by almost everyone. It is also comfortable to be worn even, for daily use and comes with a thick amount of hair.

Final Verdict

Overall, the wig is of decent high-quality synthetic fibers and comes in a decent enough price tag as well. The wig is worth purchasing because of its versatility of use and because, it looks almost like human hair and can be worn with little or no styling.



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