Cool2day® Fashion Men’s Short Layered Wig (Model: Jf010471) (Dark B)

The wig is a short hair style wig from the brand Cool2day. It is a synthetic hair fiber wig, with the color being classified as dark brown to almost black. It is made of high-quality fiber and is short regarding length and is wearable for a wide variety of occasions.

Product Specifications

The fiber used in the manufacture of this wig is made of excellent quality Kanekalon fiber. The fiber is synthetic, which means it is easy to wear and care of and will also last longer, it does not require the same amount of care required by human hair wigs.

The hair texture is soft to the touch and is washed only with cold water and left to air dry. It is recommended to not use it with a hair comb because it might cause strands to fall. The wig is superb regarding design and construction. It is very realistic looking, adding to the charm of the wig.

The inner cap of the wig is adjustable and comes with hooks attached to it so that you can adjust it according to your personal fit and specifications. The color of the wig is from dark brown to almost black, and it comes in a stylish looking layered style.

Pros and Cons

The wig is adaptable regarding wear and use; it can be worn for cosplay, as well as film and theater productions, parties and even Halloween. Unlike overpriced wigs that are commercially available and also have poor quality, the wig is much better.

It is easy to style and manage; the wig does not have significant gaps in the hair tracks as some wigs do. The inner cap also has a snug fit. The hair is reasonably priced and inexpensive for the price that it comes in. It can be worn right out of the box and is easy to style.

The main con of the wig is that the adjustable straps can detach sometimes, but this is a problem with most wigs with adjustable hooks, this issue can be quickly addressed by sewing the tracks from the side, this will ensure a comfortable fit.

Why Should You Buy it?

It is inexpensive and comes at a decent price point compared to the value of this wig. It Is much superior to Halloween wigs, which are more often than not, overpriced and are of poor quality.

The color of the wig is even and uniformly distributed with style; that requires little or no maintenance and styling, and since it is primarily a synthetic wig, it means that it will remain durable for a long time and is perfect for theater productions.

Final Verdict

Overall, the wig is a worthwhile purchase and comes at a decent price point with all the necessary requirements. The hair fibers of the wig are made of high-quality thread, and it is adaptable and stylish, suited to a broad variety of occasions.



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