Diy-Wig Stylish Mens Retro 70s 80s Disco Mullet Wig

This Diy-Wig style men’s retro wig is perfect for recreating the 70s and 80s look. The mullet was a favorite hairstyle for men in the 1970s and 80s and is a trademark of that time. It is ideally suited to parties and for cosplay purposes and retains the vintage look and feel of that era, very well.

Product Specifications

Diy-Wig Stylish Mens Retro 70s 80s Disco Mullet Wig Fancy Party Accessory Cosplay Wig(Blonde)

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  • √Mens Vintage 70s Disco Party Mullet Synthetic Hair Wig
  • √High-quality, Heat Resistant, 100% Japanese Kanekalon fibers make the hair shiny, natural, and soft to the touch.
  • √The size is adjustable, and no pins or tape should be required. It should fit most people's heads.
  • √The item is easy to wash and care for by using a little mild shampoo in cold water.
  • √Diy-Wig is a register trademark,we provide the high quality product with the natural color and good texture,the colored short bob wigs just look just like real hair

The wig’s hair fibers are made of synthetic material. The style of the hair is the mullet style, which means that it is a business in the front, and party in the back type look, as it was previously popularized. The fibers used to make the hair of the wig are made of 100% authentic Kanekalon fibers, and the wig itself is blonde regarding hair color.

These fibers make the wig look natural and make it soft to the touch, as well as shiny and thick. The fibers used are made of the best quality and are resistant to heat, allowing them to be used with hot tools and enabling you to modify the wig based on your personal preferences. Moreover, the size of the wig itself is adjustable, which means that you will not require pins to keep it in place.

Pros and Cons:

The cap is designed to fit most people’s heads and is made around the average circumference of the head. The wig is also easy to wash and take care of and store. Simply wash the hair in cold water using a small amount of shampoo.

Another positive feature of the wig is that you don’t have to stress out about the delivery time. It ships from China within 7-13 days, so you can rest assured of the delivery this way. You can also style it, the way you want to, using either a steel bomb or even your fingers to create curly hair styles. The fiber is of high-quality and gives it a natural look.

The only con to this wig is that since it is made of the synthetic hair fiber, thus it can only be trimmed and cut, but cannot by dyed, without permanently damaging the threads in some way.

Why Should You Buy it?

The wig’s hair fibers are made of the best quality synthetic hair fibers and are thermostable to most heat temperatures, allowing you to be able to style it. Another added advantage lies in the cap on the inner side of the wig, which is made to fit most heads, and assures you that, you will not have a problem and will not have to use pins or clips to keep it in place. It is also easy to store and wash, which means less of a hassle.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the wig is sure to get you noticed at a costume party or a cosplay event. It comes with a reasonable price tag, for the value of money that the wig provides, and this makes it a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a mullet to complete his outfit.



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