Ecvtop Wigs for Mens’ Death Note Male Short Cosplay Wigs (Light Brown)

Are you looking for a wig to wear with your cosplay anime costume? Then you came to the right place; this wig is perfect to be worn for costume parties, festivals, and even Halloween! The wig is by the brand EV top and is short regarding length and light brown regarding color.

Product Specifications

Ecvtop Wigs for Mens' Death Note Male Short Hair Wig Costume Cosplay Wigs (Light Brown)

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  • High quality: Ecvtop men's wig is 100% Janpanese heat resistant synthetic hair made fiber wigs.Less shiny synthetic fiber,seems same as real human hair.Use it year round,whether for costume,fashion,or just for fun.
  • Adjustable size: you can adjust the hook inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head,it fits most sizes and it breathes really well.
  • Easy to clean and take care: please wash this men's wig using a little mild shampoo in cold water,and in well-ventilated place to dry naturally. Handwash only,please be careful, do not to pull it vigorously.
  • Daily&Cosplay use: the slightly messy style to give you a beautiful & stunning perfect look.Ecvtop men's wig perfect for Halloween,concerts,theme parties,weddings,dating and any other occasion.Such as,Halloween costume,St. Patty's Day,Rick and Morty costume,Wreck-It Ralph costume,rocket cosplay,a dipper pines cosplay,Rick Sanchez costume,boy lolita or boy cosplay,Matt cosplay from Death Note and so on.

The synthetic hair used for this wig is of high-quality and appears almost the same as real human hair. It can be worn on a wide variety of events such as theme parties, weddings, and even rock concerts. The inner cap of the wig comes with hooks attached so that you will not have to use tape or pins to secure the wig correctly. The inner cap is made according to one size fits most criteria.

The fibers used to manufacture this wig are heat resistant and are imported from Japan. The texture is long-lasting and can be worn all around the year. It is also easy to wash and clean and can be removed easily by hand. The fiber is called Japanese silk and is the best fiber for wigs that is being used, because of its close resemblance to human hair regarding physical appearance and texture.

Pros and Cons

The color and feel of this are wig is of such high-quality that it is almost confused for real human hair at times. The fabric of the inner net cap is designed to be breathable and comfortable to wear.

It can withstand heat from hot tools and style well, with up to 180 degrees Celsius blow dry and can also be quickly permed. It is also easily adjustable, and this makes It perfect to wear for almost anyone. It is an excellent wig for the price and is bright regarding color.

The wig’s netting has holes throughout it, to allow ventilation so that you can keep your head cool.

The cons of the wig are that it might be considered a little shorter in the back of the wig.

Why Should You Buy it?

The best part about this wig is how comfortable it is. It is one of the best wigs to buy for cosplay, because not only does it fit most people, but it is also comfortable and a great wig for the price, which it is being offered.

It comes with an excellent style that can be modified to suit your personal preferences. The wig also comes with a substantial amount of hair, and you can style it, as you like because of the quantity of the hair. It will not disappoint you when it comes to staying power and will not frizz up or fall flat like some wigs have a tendency to do.

Final Verdict

Overall this product is a worthwhile purchase. Not only do you get quality because of its synthetic fibers, but it also offers quantity regarding the volume of the hair as well as, comfort and style, which is guaranteed to suit your costume.



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