RightOn New Fashion Cool Man Boys Short Wig with Wig Cap (Black)

This wig by RightOn is a recent wig made by the company. The color of the wig is black, with a short haircut overall and it comes with a cap attached. It is made of high-quality fiber and is heat resistant.  RightOn does not compromise on the comfort of your experience with this wig at all.

Product Specifications:

BERON New Fashion Cool Men Boys Short Synthetic Wig for Cosplay Party Photo Come with Wig Cap (Black)

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  • Color: black. May be slight difference due to the lighting,camera angles or computer/cell phone monitors.
  • Weight: 120g(± 20g)/set; Length: 30cm/12"(±5cm/2").
  • Adjustable inner cap net, size 22.5"/57.5cm, the circumference can be adjusted into 22"-23"(55-60cm).
  • Can be restyled, made from heat resistant synthetic fiber, you can curl or iron this wig, please keep the heat setting below 150c.
  • What you will get:1*wig, 1* wig cap. And primer can enjoy no reason return in 30 days.

The size of the cap is average and fits most head sizes easily. It comes attached with an inner net cap, which allows you to stay comfortable when wearing the wig.

The wig is manufactured with environment-friendly dye, to give it the perfect pitch black color. The dye is free from toxic substances, making sure that your safety is guaranteed and avoids any adverse or allergic reactions this way.

The look and feel of this wig give it the same appearance of human hair and allows you to exude confidence, knowing that you look your best, without a doubt. The wig is heat resistant up to temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius or 302 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that you can easily use the wig in combination with various hot tools, to suit all your styling needs easily.

It is versatile wig, and can be worn for a variety of occasions, including but not limited to parties, for cosplay and even, just for fun

Pros and Cons:

The wig is made of wavy synthetic hair material, which is thermostable and durable. It has been imported from Japan, and it is made of the best quality material available.

The adjustable inner cap of the wig, allows it to fit most head sizes and comes with loops and hoops attached to, similar to most expensive wigs but without the hefty price tag attached to it. It is easy to wash, using a small amount of shampoo with cold water. It also comes with a wig comb along with it. The fiber of the wig feels soft to the touch and is not sparsely filled out like some wigs are. Instead, it comes a full head of hair.

The cons of this wig are that the hair track, at the top of the head, is visible. Because of the black color of the wig, as well as the inner net cap, this is not terribly noticeable.

Why should you buy it?

This feature can be attributed to its quality mainly, which is also why it looks like actual human hair. It is thick and comes with a substantial amount of volume. It fits just the right amount, not too loose and not too tight. It has more of a snug fit. The cap that it comes with is useful to keep your hair back and makes it safe to use without damaging your hair.

Final Verdict:

The wig is adjustable and modifies quickly, due to its heat-resistant qualities. It is also relatively comfortable and does not harm the hair. It also looks more believable because of the short hair style. This feature is also more authentic looking than most.



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